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Advantages of buying medications from RXShop

Each year, more and more people discover the possibility of buying medications online. Some people find out about online pharmacies from their family members or friends. Others decide to buy drugs from an online pharmacy when they urgently need prescription medications but cannot afford going to a doctor. Either way, once they try purchasing the drugs online, they never go to their local pharmacies again. And why would they if they can buy the same drugs several times cheaper, without a prescription and can get the treatment even without leaving their homes?

While some people are skeptical about the quality of drugs sold online, they shouldn't be. Of course, some unreliable sellers can sell bad quality products but in general, online drugstores are not different from your local drugstores in terms of quality of the medications they sell. The differences which attract millions of customers from the U.S. are that such pharmacies sell drugs cheaper than their local sellers and do not ask for prescriptions.

RXShop is a perfect place to buy medications cheap online and get the best quality treatment possible even if you don't have a prescription. Once purchasing the drugs from our online pharmacy, our customers come back and never look further for other online drug sellers. We value our reputation and sell only the best quality, internationally approved and certified medications.

Why can you buy drugs without a prescription online?

Not in all countries the medicines that are sold only with a prescription in the U.S. are also sold with prescriptions. In some countries, these medications can be bought over-the-counter. The majority of online pharmacies are situated in such countries which is why they are able to offer you to buy drugs without rx. It is legal to buy the medicines you need in such a manner since you are technically buying them in the country where they are sold over-the-counter.

Is it legal to receive prescription pills in a parcel?

First of all, yes, it is legal as long as you purchase them for your personal use. Though there is a limit on a number of pills imported. In order to avoid any trouble, you should order the number of pills sufficient for three months of personal use and not more. However, we pack and label the products in such a way that nobody knows what medications you receive and in what amount so you can safely order more pills if you need them for your family or friends.

Why online drugstores sell drugs cheaper than your local pharmacies?

In all countries people use the same medications that are simply sold under different trade names. Obviously, different countries have a different income per capita. The drug makers that enter those markets cannot set the prices for their drugs as high as in the U.S. Such cheaper medications that are sold in those countries are called generics. Moreover, even the brand-name medications there are cheaper. If you choose a trustworthy seller, you will enjoy both a low price and the highest quality of the drug.

How to choose the right generic?

Since generic medications are named differently than the brand drugs, it can be hard to find the right medication. Though, the majority of online pharmacies facilitate the search naming the products they sell with the well-known brand name and adding a word "generic" before it. But in order to be sure that you are buying the right drug, you can also check the name of the active substance of the brand medication you need and then compare it with the name written below the registered name of the generic medication you buy. If you cannot see the actual package on the product page, you can always ask customer support managers or the online pharmacy pharmacists' to show you a picture of the package with pills they are going to send you when you make an order.

How to choose the best online pharmacy?

You should always look for an online pharmacy situated outside the U.S. if you want to buy any medication cheaper and without a prescription. The first positions when you look for a generic medication using Google search engine will be the American pharmacies and articles saying that foreign drugstores are dangerous which are sponsored by the FDA. You have to scroll past them and look further.

When you find a pharmacy that seems reliable to you, you should still check its reputation looking for the customer feedback left on the website of the drugstore and on online forums. The forums are an amazing opportunity to obtain reliable data on the trustworthiness of the seller and the quality of medications because people share there their honest opinions and the negative comments are not removed as they would on the pharmacy's website.

Before you place an order, do not hesitate to contact customer support even if you do not have any particular questions and everything regarding payment methods and the drug's price seems clear. Doing so, you can assess their qualification and willingness to provide comprehensive information to their customers. You can ask the pharmacy's staff to send you pictures of the actual pills, package, tell you the registered name of the medication and its active substance, as well as find out the expiry date which is crucial if you order pills for a couple of months in advance.

What drugs can you buy at RXShop?

Our online pharmacy offers you a wide range of the brand-name and generic prescription medications as well as dietary supplement, and natural herbal medications. We offer the drugs that are the most popular ones among our clients though if you cannot find the medication you need, you can always contact our pharmacists and they will do their best to help you advising a substitute medication or re-stocking the pills you need. You can get a consultation in an online form using our chat, sending us an email or calling our toll-free number.

We work for our customer's satisfaction and offer loyalty discounts and bonus pills as well as free shipping on big orders.

RXShop benefits

There are a lot of advantages of buying medications online especially for people from the U.S. and the UK where all drugs are highly overpriced and the majority of the essential medicines are sold with a prescription only. The trick is to find the right seller who guarantees the best quality of the drugs and safe shipping which means that your parcel will not be detained by the customs service. Now that you are at this page, we can say that you have already found the best place to order the drugs you need from. Find out more about why we are the best reading further.

What we offer

1) The lowest price.

We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices for the medicines we sell. We know that the low price is what you look for in the first place when you are searching for the medications online purchase. If you find lower prices than we offer, beware, it can be a scam and after paying money for your order in advance you either won't receive the pills at all or get expired drugs.

2) Possibility to buy drugs without prescriptions.

Our office is situated in the country where the majority of prescription drugs in the U.S. are sold without prescriptions. Therefore, you can order at our website antibiotics, antiviral, erectile dysfunction medications, antidepressants and other medicines even if you don't have a valid prescription from your doctor.

3) The best quality generics.

You probably already know what generic medications are. Ideally, they would have to be all qualitative and effective though it is not always so. Only certain generics are of the same quality as the brand-name drugs. Before we make a contract with a supplier of the medicines for our online pharmacy, we make sure to check the reputation of their drugs to be able to offer our clients only the best products.

4) We respect your privacy.

We do not share your contact data with anyone and pack the parcels we ship in a discreet way so nobody can ever find out what medications you receive. It is especially convenient for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and people with sexually transmitted infections who are uncomfortable sharing the problem with anyone. It is also perfect for people who want to use antidepressants without going to a doctor get a new prescription monthly.

5) Free consultation of qualified pharmacists.

If you are not sure what drug you need to treat your condition or what dosage you need to take a day, you can always contact our pharmacists via online chat, email, or phone and get a comprehensive consultation.

6) Bonuses and free shipping.

We strive to make your exprience using our services as pleasant as possible which is why we reward our customers with 10% bonus pills on every following order and offer free shipping for the orders over 170 USD or its equivalent in other currency.

7) Comprehensive information about the medicines we sell.

On the product pages you can find detailed information about the medicines including the manner of intake, indications for use, dosages, treatment course length, contraindications for use, and side effects. Though we always advise to consult your doctor first, you can buy the drugs you need and start using them as said in the instruction provided on our website if the drug is not contraindicated for you as soon as you receive your parcel.

If you need any medication, look for it using our convenient integrated search engine or contact our customer managers. If it happens so that the drug you are looking for is out of stock or isn't in our range at all, you can also send us a request and we will do our best to get the medication at the most attractive price for you in the shortest time.